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Dancing Star
Eu Uso (Portuguese)

Mixtape was formed in 2008, first as a trio, playing songs in Portuguese. Their debut album (O Tormento do Tempo) was recorded and released in 2009 and now, as a duo, Pris Elias and Helen Negrão release their second album, "Find Your Own Way Home", all written in English.

'We basically do pop music and we're highly influenced by 80's pop, indie/rock, electro/pop, punk/pop and international pop and pop/rock. Our first record had more of our pop/rock influences. For this second album, maybe because we're working as a duo, we explored electronic elements much more than we did on the first record. We feel more mature and secure of our music and message and we just want people to know that being themselves and doing what they really love will always bring the best answers for the most important questions in their lives.'

- Pris Elias.